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Finieous Fingers





Finieous Fingers (it's frequently misspelled "Fineous", even in Dragon Magazine's own FAQ) was a full page cartoon series that began appearing in Dragon magazine issue #3. It would appear in the Dragonmirth section. It was signed by "J.D." J.D. was the pen name for J.D. Webster. The series continued for several years in Dragon until Webster began writing the strip for former Dragon editor Timothy J. Kask's start-up role playing magazine Adventure Gaming (first published July 1981). Neither lasted long after that.


Finieous Fingers appeared in the following issues of Dragon: 3,4,6,7,9-22,25-28,30,33, and 35. Ironclaw RPG author J.A. Holmgren (aka Jason Holmgren) began writing the series later (his incarnation appeared in a RPG magazine known as Shadis).


Each strip featured the continuing adventures of a thief named Finieous Fingers and his party. Travelling with Finieous were his two sardonic, hapless NPC men-at-arms Fred & Charly, Ranger Rupert, a greedy dwarf, and the pre-Rambo, gun-toting mage Bored Flak (his magic consisted of various modern weapons). They battled against devious hobbits.


Dragon eventually published the complete series in the Finieous Fingers Treasury. The Treasury also included an original Finieous story.


-- Karl Mamer





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