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SuperBowl Picks






(coming out of a La Petite En Francais Lesson)


KARL: How would you translate "purple haze" into French, Terry?


TERRY: La fumez da indigo?


KARL: That's pretty good. You realize that's our last ever La Petite Lesson En Francais. So if you haven't picked up the language by now. Tough. We're now going to do our SuperBowl picks. We're going to pick who is going to win the SuperBowl, which I guess starts this Sunday. Terry is actually going to make his picks. I don't really follow football and I don't watch the SuperBowl. So that's why Terry is going to do the picks.


TERRY: Yeah, I'm more qualified to talk about football because I had a beer once.


KARL: That's true. But I watch more television than you. And I scratch myself more.


(Sound of terry whacking Karl)


TERRY: Oh that's it. There's going to be a DJ here next week. Okay, so, the winner of the SuperBowl. Now, Karl, you were saying earlier that you think the Vikings will take it in four SuperBowl games. But I think it will go seven. I agree, however, that the Vikings will win.


KARL: It will go seven if it goes one.


TERRY: Right. The Viking will take it but in four SuperBowl games to three. Not, four straight like you said. Boy, you're so naive, Karl. You don't know nothing about football.



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