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The Man 2 Dialogs: Dating Explained in 3 Acts s



Author's Note


I'm one of those types that


1.      tries to find a pattern behind everything

2.      tries to invent theories to explain human behavior.


The Man 2 Dialogs grew out of years of chatting online and over the phone with various women friends and male friends. Much like how on the net some questions get asked repeatedly and the FAQ was devised to address such commonly posed questions, I found over the years I started repeating advice offered to various people I chatted with.


We've all felt like the jilted nice guy. We've all slept with someone and discovered it didn't make them magically fall in love with us. We've all been yelled at by our mate. These things just kept coming up again and again to the point where I would go back to old logs and paste verbatim what I told the last person.


I considered writing a FAQ but then I thought why not mirror a lot of the dialog I've actually had with women and men friends? And if you're going to do a lot of dialogs, why not write it up as a play with a bit of quasi-Socratic method thrown in?



Well, behold, The Man 2 Dialogs. Naturally it's all copyright me and no reproductions or staging of public performances (as if) without the express permission of me. Blah blah.


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The Man 2 Dialogs: Dating Explained in 3 Acts s



By Karl Mamer

(c) 2003


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