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- A -

Age difference

Asian fetish guys

Asshole, why a woman thinks you're one one day and not the next day

Attractive women

Attractiveness, women's highly variable subjectivity and men's nearly universal agreement

- B -

Being dumped by a man who turns gay

Blaming other women for a man's faults

Blind dates

Breaking up with a guy your family likes

Breasts, women's paranoia over

Buying flowers for yourself

- C -

Cheap men

Counting Asians

- D -

Dating a coworker


Does this dress make me look fat?

Dot.com boom/bust

- E -

Ego, why men have them

Ex talking about you in bed to a mutual friend

- F -

Flowers, when to send

Friends, getting old and trying to make new ones

- G -

Good signs, there's no such thing as a "good sign" with a woman

- H -

Having married friends

Hearing from an ex-girlfriend out of the blue


Hitting on women

How to
How to forget your last boyfriend/girlfriend
How to get revenge on an exboyfriend
How to say something of zero substance to a woman but make it sound like you're making an insightful comment
How to scare off a man
How to scare off a man in a personal ad
How to tell the difference between "dating" and two opposite sex friends hanging out together
How to tell you're old
How to win a man's heart

- I -

Interracial dating

- L -

Late, girlfriend/boyfriend chronically late

Let's be friends line

Living together

- M -

Mail-order brides

Male bathroom etiquette

Married men online, how to know

Masturbation question

Meeting men on the Internet

A male PMS excuse
Cheap men
Inability to commit
Lack of standards
Loss of interest
Male bathroom etiquette
Married men online, how to know
Meeting men on the Internet
Perfect man, the
Rule Number 3B for men
Scaring off a man
Scaring off a man online
Starts paying attention to you when you ignore him
Weird male diets
Winning a man's heart

- N -

Nice Guys
Let's be friends line
Really Asian fetish freaks?
The "nice" label, really the kiss of death?
The spent emotional wrecks they have to date later in life
Why they finish last


- O -

Odd problem with public bathrooms

- P -

Parenthood, a woman's constant background anxiety

Penis length

Perfect man, the


- R -


Relationship Karma, nonexistence of

Rule Number 3A (applies to women only)

Rule Number 3B (applies to men only)

- S -

Six kinds of people you meet online

Stealing your best friend's woman

- T -


Thai food

- V -

Vulnerability in relationships

- W -

Wednesday: the small talk dead zone

Weird male diets

What is a vegetable?

When to send flowers

Why a girlfriend should never be treated like a friend
Why a man starts paying attention to you when you ignore him
Why a man won't commit to you
Why ads directed at women use sexually provocative models only men find sexy
Why men and women are the same
Why men don't have standards
Why men seem to lose interest
Why science is in the service of art
Why the woman you live with changes the way you dress
Why women don't appreciate you for your rational solutions
Why women get freaked out over men that don't watch their health
Why women get freaked out over minor things
Why women seem to chase after married men
Why women seem to date assholes
Why your female friend doesn't fix you up with her friends


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By Karl Mamer


(c) 2003


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